Live Reviews from the Dorset Music Awards Quarter Final

As we said in our previous post we had a great night at the quarter final of the Dorset Music Awards. We were thrilled to go through to the Semis and will play at Mr Kyps next week.
For those of you that couldn’t make it along, we thought we’d give you some photos, videos and reviews of the night to see what you missed out on!
Once again, it was great to see such amazing support from so many of you. Thanks to everyone that came along and thanks again to everyone who voted online.

Photos taken by Alex Freeman from Rock Regeneration

Here is Rock Regeneration’s take on the night. Chinners said we “ delivered an impressive 20 minute set [of] twin electric and acoustic, fast paced guitar blues/rock sound.

Tim Heywood, a DJ at Bournemouth’s Hope FM, runs a great blog about the Bournemouth music scene. He had some fantastic thoughts on the performances through the night.

“….they settle into what proves to be a highly charged set. The place is absolutely storming by this point – and the lads make the most of the huge crowd they’ve brought with them, dedicating songs, and – a nice touch – they have yellow roses they hand out to some of the ladies present. A very hard and nascent Blood On The Flag closes this most spectacular of sets, its just been really good music played and performed really well.” – Tim Heywood

Here’s a video of one of our new tracks, “That Man is an Animal”, which was filmed during the evening by Rock Regeneration: