Yellowgroove on Nerve* FM and Introducing Mike Ricketts

It’s been a busy, up and down few weeks for us; packed with gigs, radio sessions, sunbathing and some heavy lock-in sessions. But here’s just a quick update about some of the things we’ve been up to….

A couple of Sundays ago we did a live interview and unplugged session on Bournemouth Uni’s Nerve* FM, with Rob and Dave.

A good friend of ours, Mike Ricketts, came along, to have a quick chat about the forthcoming “Feet on the Street” series we’ll be doing with him to help promote Bournemouth’s live scene, bands and venues… we’ll have some more info for you on that soon, but for now, we can tell you that we will be talking to the venues, the promoters, showing you where all these venues are, talking to the bands and showing touring bands how to link in with the Bournemouth live network.
If you haven’t come across Mike’s Artist Insight Blog Platform¬†yet, you should check it out, especially if you’re an artist or a band looking for help or inspiration. Mike’s¬†intending to provide as much relevant and up to date content on surviving as a modern day music artist. This includes interviews with some pretty important people in the music industry, including this recent one with ex-Virgin Records boss, Jon Webster.

Mike was also kind enough to film Ben and Simon perform an acoustic rendition of “Son of a Working Man”, an unplugged fave that has become almost as iconic as the full band version. Check it out on Mike’s blog or in the video below.